Nedap introduces hybrid RF/RFID pedestal for optimized article surveillance

Nedap introduces hybrid RF/RFID pedestal for optimized article surveillance

Nedap, a global manufacturer of loss prevention and stock management solutions, launches a full hybrid RF/RFID version of their proven !D Gate pedestal at the EuroShop. Equipped with smart electronics, the !D Gate is a high-performance article surveillance sensor for loss prevention and in-store replenishment purposes, especially designed for the retail sector. The hybrid character allows future upgrades and ensures a clean look inside the stores as the same pedestals can be used for different roles.

Loss prevention with RF & RFID technology
When used as an Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) system for loss prevention purposes, the !D Gate can be equipped with 8.2 MHz RF technology, RFID technology or used as a hybrid RF/RFID system. The !D Gate can be installed as a hybrid system right away or simply be upgraded at any moment in time, which offers flexibility concerning the labels used for EAS but foremost protects the retailer’s investment as the system stays in place when either RF or RFID detection is added to the already installed pedestal.

Stock management with RFID technology
For in-store replenishment purposes, the !D Gate with RFID technology supports processes like goods receiving and merchandise movements from the stock room to the sales floor. Depending on the role, the optimum RFID parameters are automatically chosen. Other unique features such as advanced tag filtering, direction detection, visitor counting and metal detection are fully integrated in the same pedestal.


Visit Nedap at Hall 06, stand B09 during EuroShop 2014

About Nedap Retail 
Nedap Retail develops and supplies innovative and sustainable solutions to manage and secure retail stores. For over 30 years, Nedap has been a pioneer in retail, first to reinvent anti-theft systems for various retail segments. Today, Nedap Retail is leading the innovation wave in retail with its anti-theft systems, visitor counting, store performance management systems, RFID stock control systems, and customer experience ideas. Nedap is a manufacturer of intelligent technological solutions for relevant themes; Nedap Retail is one of Nedap’s business units. Nedap was established in 1929, has been listed on the stock exchange since 1947 and is active around the world.

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